Will the real you please stand up….

Will the real you please stand up….

Will the real you please stand up?!!….. Wait you don’t know who that is do you? It’s okay, I didn’t either. It took a process of healing and unpacking all the hurt, pain, and frustrations that had shaped who I was over the course of over 10 years in order to uncover and realize who I TRULY was. 

Often we settle into who we think we are rather than actually living who we really are. Many of us have experienced personal trials, tribulations, and traumas. From every life event, we experience we develop a response to. Often our responses are birthed in an effort to self protect which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, when we do not heal from the things that shatter our perception of the different aspects of our world, we begin to view life through those broken pieces. Such broken perspectives will shape how we act, respond and show up in life. 

Typically when you believe something that pertains to your identity(who you think you are), you begin to display mannerisms and actions of who that person is. For example, I used to say that I was shy, that’s who I am. The truth was that I was afraid of conflict or situations that I would feel uncomfortable in. This caused me to try and be the quietest one in the room, or avoid people and situations that would bring too much attention to me.

The funny part is by nature I am a talker. I LOVE to converse, but I would only converse with those I was comfortable with. 

The keyword in the last sentence is COMFORTABLE. Comfortable lies within our comfort zones. I believe our comfort zones are built in an effort to self protect, the problem is that you can only GROW but so much within a confined space. 

How long will you stay in your confined space?

The confinement is hindering your greatness. The time is now to make a choice to grow beyond where you’ve allowed yourself to be limited. Where do you desire to be in your life? What has hindered you thus far? What is something about yourself that you want to change, or you think has hindered your growth thus far?

Whatever it is, I want to help you move past the place of hindrance. This week I kick off my FREE, “Who Am I Really” challenge. This will be a seven day challenge where during the challenge you will:

  • Tackle what has you stuck and how it has affected your identity.
  • Equip you with the 5 Steps to get you unstuck and walk in your true identity.
  • Implement new strategy with clarity

Don’t wait any longer, sign up here today and walk in the freedom and greatness God has called you to.