Back, Back like I Never Left!!

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I’ve missed you all soooo much!! (Singin) But I’m back like I neva left

So I had to take a step back from posting. I’ve been writing, but just haven’t been posting. I know, I know that seems counterproductive considering this is a blog, but I’m running a one-woman show and I got chilrens to care for LOL. 

Soooo let me catch you up!

At the end of August, the children started back to school and although their homeschool center is open, I decided that virtual schooling would be best for the rest of the year. In the past, I’ve done the homeschooling by my lonesome but CHILE I was NOT about to take on that burden alone in this season of my life. Plus, I needed some time to focus on me during the day and that is hard to do when you are cooking, cleaning, schooling, working, and trying not to have an absolute meltdown because 5 little humans are all learning at the same time! Kudos to the moms out there who are doing it and maintaining, but as for me and my house we shall outsource this task. Amen? Amen.


Also, I was honored to participate in my first webinar! Whoop, Whoop! The experience was great but OH THE ENEMY TRIED IT! So right before I was supposed to logon, my desktop decided it didn’t want to cooperate. In turn, I had to scrap Plan A and figure out a Plan B with minutes to spare! I grabbed my laptop and put it on my desk in front of my desktop. The desktop screen doubled as extra lighting and ya girl was good to go. Talk about a close call! Unfortunately, while watching the replay I realized there was this white glow on my face which made my lips look ashy! HAHAHA Oh Well.


It was interesting, to say the least, but I logged in on time and the Lord had His way and that was all that mattered! 


If I could be honest, mentally I needed to take a step back. Typically I’m always considered the “strong friend”, but I didn’t feel very strong. I found myself struggling to show up for myself again. This stemmed from me always feeling like I needed to do all the things. My plate always seems so full, and the Lord had to remind me that I was never meant to bear this load on my own. 


Sometimes as mothers, we feel like we need to do everything, or nothing would ever get done. Many of us really need to stop this faulty way of thinking. It is mentally, emotionally, and physically draining. 


How can you possibly do all the things when you haven’t taken the time to take care of you?! 


It doesn’t work. 


You have to begin to ask yourself, where does this behavior stem from? Was it what I saw growing up? Am I taking on other people’s expectations of me, while ignoring my own needs? Am I afraid to relinquish control?


For me it was pressure.


It was the pressure of feeling like, how am I going to make this all work?


After trying to figure it out on my own and some complaining, God kindly checked me. 


He said, “There is no possible way that you could do all that I called you to do without My help! How vain is it to set out to accomplish My will, your way? In your strength, on your time. Has it worked? No, it hasn’t.


Proverbs 3:5(AMP)

Trust in and rely confidently on the Lord with all your heart

And do not rely on your own insight or understanding.


Basically, He summed everything up with keeping your focus on me. Well, He sure told me…but oh the FREEDOM. Once I was able to clearly see how far I was digging myself into a hole of complaints, I was able to shift my focus back to God. 


Sometimes unplugging is necessary, but often we don’t really know how nor where to start. Sometimes we can’t even identify when we need to, but we do recognize something is off. 


Hear me…reach out. Don’t be afraid of someone judging you. Don’t be too prideful or embarrassed to admit that you’re not okay. For this reason, I do what I do. No one should have to do life alone. The truth of the matter is many moms lack the support they truly need, for this reason, I became a life coach. 


Let me support you. If you’re ready to push past that stuck place you’ve been in, sign up for a Heart2HEaRt session today.