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In this time it seems like hope is one of those fleeting words. The world around us seems like it’s in utter chaos, all the while we try to create an atmosphere of love.

Do you know? By surrounding ourselves with family, friends, and anything else that can preoccupy our time. 

First, we faced a global pandemic…life as we knew it got turned upside down. Jobs that told us we needed to be there unless we’d be fire or couldn’t work efficiently, became remote. The naysayers to homeschooling quickly found themselves teaching their children in the comfort of their own homes. Unfortunately for some, the home may not have been the safest place to be, but yet they were stuck there. 

Hope. It seemed fleeting. It seemed like a tease. When everything looked like it was going well, there was so much to hope for or look forward to. Then the news and fearmongering in the media hit like a ton of bricks. Like what is this? Just the day other everything seemed like it was alright, now just like that everything feels like it’s falling apart. 

Honestly, I had no idea what to write about this week. This morning in prayer God simply told me: HOPE. I’m like okay. To be honest I’ve been struggling these past few days with feeling overwhelmed. All the current events, the children, the business….I’m just like God, how? How am I supposed to do all of this? Especially in a time like this! 

His reply was simple, very calming. 

He said, “Baby girl I never intended for you to shoulder any burden on your own. Every little thing that you have going on, I care about. I care about the hurt and when you’re overwhelmed. I just want you to bring it to Me. You’re not in this alone…just listen for Me.” 

At that moment I was reminded of where my hope lies. Sometimes when too much is going on we lose sight of things that are right there in front of us because we magnify the issues, actions, people, things that are disrupting our peace. 

Take a moment and ask yourself, “what have I been allowing to disrupt my peace?” Take it a bit further and as yourself out of the things that have been weighing on you, how much of it can you control? Influence the outcome of? Where does my HOPE lie?


By definition, hope means 1: to cherish a desire with anticipation: to want something to happen or be true. To expect with confidence: trust.

Now there’s nothing wrong with hoping for something to happen, but it’s what or whom do you expect this desire to come to pass through. For example, if someone was hoping for marriage restoration ideally they would put their hope or trust in the other person to come to their senses and eventually come home. Right? Now I’m gonna tell you why this is faulty. Everybody has free will and choice. It’s kind of like throwing a coin in the air and wishing that it’ll land on your choice of heads or tails. The outcome is uncertain, there is no way to tell if the flip will be in your favor unless you was cheatin lol. Same thing with a person. The outcome is uncertain. God gives us free will and choice, and obviously, you cannot manipulate the person’s choice. 

Okay so let’s look at the biblical definition of hope.

Hope is defined by the belief that God will accomplish what He has promised.

This is based on the fact that God has always been faithful to do what He said He would do. It’s never just wishing something will happen. God is intentional and He’s very clear about where He stands with things. There is always divine certainty with Him.  

Psalm 71:5

For You are my hope; O Lord God, You are my trust and the source of my confidence from my youth.

The above psalm is saying that Christ is the actual object of a believer’s hope. This hope is alive. Jesus is alive! He is constant, He never switches up so hoping in the fact that there are no limits with God and nothing is impossible with Him (Luke 1:37), you have this reassurance that if you believe in Jesus a seemingly impossible situation is nothing to Him.

Typically when people speak about racism and injustice they speak about it from a defeated stance. Kind of like this has been happening since forever. Okay, so for argument sake, if this has indeed been happening since forever then why not go to the person who is NOT confined by time? God. 

There have been people who’ve pushed for change in perceivable unchangeable situations and guess what…things changed. There is nothing new under the sun and God ultimately has a plan. A sure plan. One without holes. One that will never fail. I think the thing that many of us miss is that although God is sovereign and can do what He wills, He still has put a responsibility on all who believe in Him to come and ask Him for what is needed in every situation.

Do the events in the world make me uneasy at times? Yes. 

Am I without hope? No, because Jesus is the ultimate hope. 

Regardless of if we acknowledge the work that He is doing in the earth. None of that changes who He is, what He wills, and what He is doing!  

What has been your view of who God is? 

Jeremiah 1:5a

 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee;

God already knew everything we’d become and He put everything we’d ever need as far as what we are purposed for in us, even before forming us in the womb. 

If He’s already done all of that, how much more will He do in this hour when things seem uncertain?

In my opinion, Jesus is the best HOPE dealer around, considering He is hope.

Where does your HOPE lie?

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