Unplug and Plug into Something Greater

Unplug and Plug into Something Greater

There has been so much that has happened in 2020. Here we are at the end of the year, reflecting on what has happened and what will happen in the future. Honestly, the Lord has me walking into so much new that I don’t know what to think. If walking by faith and not by sight were a person, they would look like me right now. Just thinking about it has me in awe at how intentional God truly is. In these past two months, I feel like God has been testing my obedience. Not in a small way, either. The children went to visit their dad. I traveled and spoke at my first conference, AAAAND God literally walked me through step by step in delivering a baby. An entire human being!! It was so wild but so rewarding! As exciting as all these events were (which I will fill you in later in other blog posts), I found myself extremely tired and overwhelmed. I planned to go full speed ahead in my business, but God had other plans. He wanted me to rest and focus on myself. I promise you that I did not know what to do with myself for about the first two weeks of being home alone.

Okay, so time to get transparent!! One of the biggest things I struggle with as a mom is SELF-CARE. Taking care of myself is not typically what’s at the forefront of my mind.

 Who else would do all the things that needed attention around the house while tending to the kids if I did?! 

Frankly, that’s the kind of stinkin thinking that I used to operate in until God had to highlight to me that HE DESIRES FOR ME TO REST. He desires for us to take care of ourselves.

In this season of my parenting career lol (seriously though mothering is a full-time job), I realized that I needed to take time for myself so that I didn’t fall apart! There would be no way to be my best self unless I learned to take time for myself. I believe God truly wanted me to receive that memo, so off to dad’s house did the kids go! 

It’s still a daily struggle, but I see that small things make a considerable difference little by little. One thing that I have committed to doing as a part of my self-care routine is making sure my hair gets done. Is it time-consuming to do it myself? Sometimes, especially having to stop to take care of the kids. However, simple protective styles take less time for me to do, and they last a while! Something as simple as doing my hair made me feel good and reduced my stress. Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror with this constant visual reminder of what feels like a weight of responsibility.

When was the last time you intentionally took time for yourself?

How good will you be to anyone, including your family, if you don’t practice self-care?!

Transparent moment. I’ve been overwhelmed to the point of not wanting to take care of myself. After doing everything else, I would unplug, and that’s it. It didn’t help because I would become frustrated when I had to switch modes and begin doing again. Unplugging can’t just be where we stop.

Godly self-care means unplugging but plugging back into something bigger.

Jesus is our most excellent example of how to live. He was constantly on the move but what He was intentional about was rest. Specifically, rest in the presence of His Father. He would often steal away and retreat to commune with His Dad. That’s where He was refreshed and filled.

So while you can engage in one simple task to establish a self-care routine, make sure you don’t neglect your relationship that rejuvenates and refreshes your soul. About 10-15 minutes a day(maybe less) is all you need to challenge yourself to be a better you!

Let’s dig into the list below and commit to doing at least one a day.

What is self-care?

Self- care is when you take an active role in your health by changing behavior and thoughts to contribute to your well being. Not only that, but True self-care means casting our anxieties on Him because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7).

What self-care is not:




A one-time thing

If you’re constantly drained, snapping at the children, or very forgetful, then self-care may be precisely what you need.

  1. Write affirmations. One of the best things you can do is make declarations primarily rooted in the Word of God and speak them over yourself every day. Doing this increases your faith as well as builds you up as a person. 

Here are some to start:

  • I am calm. (Philippians 4:6)
  • I am beautiful. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)
  • I am blessed. (Ephesians 1:3)
  • I am filled with joy. (John 17:13)

Who wouldn’t want a daily reminder that they are loved every day?

  1. Get moving! Exercise 



  1. Dance Party! This one is self-care, but you can also do it with the kids if you want! Throw on some music and dance to your heart’s desire.
  2. Read. Reading keeps your brain active and increases mental stimulation. Reading Recommendation: When the Bridge Breaks: Sacrificing A Perverted Promise
  3. Go to bed earlier. I’ve found that going to bed earlier has added time to my day. The earlier you sleep, you may wake up earlier, giving you more alone time to take care of yourself without little ones running under you.
  4. Do NOTHING. Instead of trying to complete your super long to-do list, don’t. Unless it’s dire, those things will still be there tomorrow. Take some time to decompress mentally.
  5. Journal. Journaling allows you to pour out your heart and organize your thoughts on paper. Journaling can also strengthen your relationship with God because it’s a way to settle yourself quietly to hear His voice.
  6. Pamper Yourself. Pampering yourself doesn’t have to be grandiose. Try that new nail polish you’ve been eyeing. Give yourself a facial, or do your hair. Just tweaking your appearance will give you whole new confidence!
  7. Unplug. Try putting your phone on, do not disturb. Take care of yourself by guarding your mental health, or spend some quiet time with the children watching a show.
  8. Call a friend. Catch up with a good friend. Reach out because sometimes it feels good just being able to open up to someone about how you’re feeling.

As all of these are great Godly self-care means unplugging but plugging back into something bigger.