The Process: Coming To Terms

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So lately I realized that more often than not when I am ministering to someone that the message is typically for me too. Sometimes it’s hard for me to recognize, so I won’t think twice about it and then there are times where it’s blatant and undeniable!


For the past few blog posts, we’ve been talking about the process of becoming who God has called us to be. I haven’t presented the process in order, I’ve been tackling the topic as the Lord has given them to me to cover. If you haven’t seen my recent live Heart 2 HEaRt on Monday, go check it out here

In this week’s coverage of “The Process”, I want to talk about actually coming to terms with the fact that there is indeed a problem. So the very first thing God does in this journey of walking in freedom is uncovering the problem and exposing its root. Many believers struggle with walking in true freedom because they refuse to come to terms with the fact that there is a problem that needs to be properly dealt with. 


Too often we become comfortable with what we deem as our “norm” because it is familiar to us and we have learned how to control how we deal with and respond to it. We’ve learned how to cope with our circumstances and have even built walls around our hearts to create a defense against any more pain this particular issue may potentially cause. 


Understandably so because who wants to face the ugliness of the weight that they’ve been carrying for so long?


Why would you? You’ve learned how to dress it up, ignore it, make it palatable. How dare someone try to make you deal with it!!


Well, how dare you not want to be free?


2 Cor 3:17(AMP)

17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty [emancipation from bondage, true freedom].


God’s perfect plan for your life includes freedom. 


True freedom. 


Freedom past the point of your comfort. 


We often spend a long time learning how to hide our pain. We mask the pain just enough for us to remain comfortable, thus creating a sustainable sense of normalcy.


5 Ways You Avoid True Freedom:


  1. Denial. You deny the issue is a problem.
  2. Refusal. You refuse to talk about the issue. 
  3. Avoidance. You avoid going into prayer, so God won’t talk to you about the issue.
  4. Running. You run. You run from intimate relationships, you run from commitment, you run from situations you won’t be able to control.
  5. Defensiveness. You become defensive when there is an implication that you haven’t truly healed from what has caused you pain.


Salvation is a free and perfect gift to yo. It is available to everyone who wants to walk in true freedom. At the core of salvation are freedom and intimacy.

God enjoys an intimate relationship with His children. Although He is all-knowing, He wants us to bring all the things that weigh heavy on our hearts to Him. Now you’re probably thinking, well if God already knows everything, then why should I have to talk about it? 


Well, the question I have for you is, why would anyone want to be in a relationship with someone who refuses to communicate?

Better yet, how could someone be in a relationship with an individual that only wants to communicate what they are comfortable with Especially when that thing they are covering is hindering their intimacy?


Aight Biblical account time. Now this one may seem off-topic but go with me for a minute LOL.


So the other day I was convicted. The Lord was low key checking me about seeking Him for direction. So I say well let me read my Bible. I pick up my Bible and the subtitle that caught my eye was, “Balaam Seeks God’s Direction”. I’m like ok Lord what are You trying to say?


Now as I’m reading Numbers 22:7-22, I’m thinking to myself isn’t Balaam an enemy to God? Sure enough upon reading the passage and the footnotes, my thought was correct. The weird part was that as I was reading I was on the verge of tears.


 Why in the world would this account bring me to tears? It wasn’t like I saw myself in Balaam(he was a medium and God is against divination), how in the world could this account possibly resonate with me?!


Well here’s the thing God told Balaam not to do one thing and then upon Balaam asking God again, He turned around and gave Him the go-ahead. In verse 22 it says that the anger of the Lord was kindled because he went. I’m like, huh?! Didn’t You permit him to go? 


2 key things stood out to me in this passage. 


  1. God didn’t care anything about the show Balaam was trying to put on for everyone. God was aware of his motives. 
  2. God was in charge. PERIOD.


In essence, God used something completely left to get my attention LOL. In the spirit of being transparent, I was avoiding going deep in prayer and needed to fully come to terms with the root of my problem. 


In summation, regardless of what I was feeling in my life, I should always remember that God sees my heart. He knows the real reason I’m doing or avoiding something, regardless of how I dress it up for people on the outside looking in, and He is the one who is bigger than anything I am facing so my first response should always be to seek His direction. 


What have you been avoiding? The weight of bearing such a burden on your own is cumbersome. Please don’t bear this weight alone, book a Heart 2 HEaRt today and let me help you hear God’s heart concerning your freedom.